Waivers are one way to pay for the services that support people with developmental disabilities.

Waivers are one way to pay for the services that support people with developmental disabilities. The department administers three different waivers: the Individual Options Waiver, the Level One Waiver, and Self-Empowered Life Funding Waiver.

Individual Options Waiver

The Individual Options is often called the IO Waiver for short. The IO Waiver is a more comprehensive waiver. It can be a good fit for people who may need a lot of help in their home. It can also be a good fit for people who need a lot of different kinds of services.

The IO Waiver is for people with developmental disabilities who

  •  are eligible for Medicaid,
  • need at least one IO Waiver service.

There are no age requirements.

Level One Waiver

The Level One Waiver is often called L1 for short. It is a good fit for people who do not need a lot of paid staff to provide services.

The L1 Waiver relies heavily on natural supports. Natural supports are services people provide without being paid for it. Natural supports could be things like

  • support from a family member who helps you get dressed and ready for work every morning,
  • a ride to work from a co-worker, or
  • a family member who provides a break or respite for caregivers.

The SELF Waiver

The Self-Empowered Life Funding Waiver is usually called the SELF Waiver for short.

The SELF Waiver is good fit for people who want to be in charge of some of their services. If you have a SELF Waiver, you can be in charge of hiring and training the people that provide your services. You can manage your budget for the services you want.

The SELF Waiver is for people with developmental disabilities who

  • are eligible for Medicaid,
  • have a developmental disabilities level of care,
  • need at least one SELF Waiver service,
  • can be healthy and safe while using the SELF Waiver, and
  • are able to manage money in a budget or manage their support staff for at least one waiver service, or can choose someone to do these things for them.

There is no age requirement.

Unlike the Level One and Individual Options waivers, the SELF Waiver requires the person enrolled in the waiver or someone they chose, to direct at least one of their services.