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Ellis Services LLC is a Central Ohio provider of developmental disabilities home care providers with over 15 years of experience and dedication to enhancing quality of life for others.

We are proud of our compassionate home care program designed to help those with developmental disabilities transition from dependent to independent living.

Our goals

Our staff members are experienced, reliable, and guided by a moral compass; they are interviewed several times and go through a rigorous background check.

Our staff is equipped with the skill to administer medication, and all are CPR and First Aid certified, and required to take 8 hours of training within the first 90 days of employment.

We at Ellis Services strive to add to the individual’s quality of life, and lighten the responsibility of care giving.

Our services

Our staff specialize in working with consumers that have multiple diagnoses, Autism (all spectrums: PDD -NOS and Asperger’s), ADHD, ADD, OCD, ODD, bipolar disorder, Cerebral Palsy (CP), and many ranges of developmental, physical, and/or intellectual disabilities.

We provide care to children and adults, and we are experienced in transitioning a consumer from living at home to living independently. We have staff available 24 hours a day, seven days a week; holidays included.

Our experienced staff is willing to face any challenge while striving forward to meet the needs of the individual and their family.

At Ellis Services, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to live a healthy, active and fulfilling life. This ethos is at the heart of everything we do.

We provide everyone we support with the opportunity to continue to live life to the full. We actively encourage Service Users to become more self-reliant, to make decisions for themselves, and ultimately, to move on to more independent living arrangements.

We facilitate and support our Service Users to pursue meaningful and personalised lifestyles. We provide individually planned education & leisure opportunities to support each individual in their ongoing development.

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Resource library

Facts and resources on the Franklin County Board of Developmental Disabilites. View any of these resources or guides for free.